TeckNet® F27 In Car Universal FM Transmitter
Tecknet F27 In Car Universal FM Transmitter

Tecknet F27 In Car Universal FM Transmitter

Product Specification:

3.5mm Audio
Frequency Range:
88.1MHz - 107.9 MHz
Effective Range:
Up to 5M
USB Charger:
5V / 2.1 A
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Q1. Does this automatically find the station needed?

No, you will have to manually program the station you have set on the device in order to listen from your smartphone or tablet.

Q2. How does this play music through the radio?

Basically it transmits an FM signal to your radio, which then plays whatever music is playing on your phone. For example Spotify or digital radio stations

Q3. How does it plug into my car?

Just plug it into your lighter socket in the center console.

Q4. Does it only work with Smartphones?

No you can use tablets or iPods too.

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