Tecknet BK663 iPad Air 2 Keyboard Case
TeckNet BK663 iPad Air 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Cover

TeckNet BK663 iPad Air 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Cover

Product Specification:

17.4 x 1.3 x 24 cm
Built-in Battery:
Yes, Lithium battery
Standby time:
Upto 130 Hours

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Q1. Will this keyboard work with the new iPad Air 2?


Q2. Will this work with any other iPad?

Yes, However they will not fit in the case. This will only work as a Bluetooth keyboard for other iPad models.

Q3. Will this charge my iPad?

No this does not act as a charger.

Q4. Is this a case, as well as a keyboard?

Yes the cover is made of a hard plastic, so will protect your iPad a little.

Q5. The the keys light up?

No they don't light up unfortunately.

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