Business Partner / Distributor

Business Partner / Distributor

JJoin the growing number of businesses that are enjoying success by distributing and retailing TeckNet branded products.

With superb quality, cutting edge technology and outstanding value, TeckNet’s specialist range of products are recognised by consumers and business users from all over the world.

TeckNet’s specialist product range includes:

  • Wireless PC peripherals such as mice, keyboards and webcams
  • Mobile power, includes USB rechargeable power bank batteries
  • Protective cases and screen protectors for iPads, iPhones and more
  • Connectivity devices such as USB networking hubs, FM transmitters and more
  • PC gaming keyboards, mouse mats and mice
  • Doorbells, audio speakers, headphones

Here at TeckNet, we’re keen to continue build and expand the reach of our brand, we’re always looking for new opportunities to work with business partners who have expertise in the following areas: creative marketing and promotional concepts, proven track record of developing market knowledge and established sales/distribution/retailing channels.

TeckNet business partners benefits:

  • Prioritized order tracking and direct shipping
  • Enhanced product guarantee / warranty
  • Free sample of new products prior to launch
  • TeckNet’s One-to-One Business Class support
  • Preferential payment terms / pricing / promotions and inventory support
  • Certified international quality standards CE, FCC, RoHS

If you’d like to know more about TeckNet Business Partner Opportunities, please contact us by submitting an online application form or downloading the PDF version and e-mail it to

We’re looking forward to hearing from you - let’s stay connected! 

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Tecknet Online LTD, 5 Nelson Street, Liverpool, L1 5DW, United Kingdom

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